Moonguard Alliance




The Kingfish Cartel is dedicated to providing an immersive and quality experience. We believe the criminal roleplay community has faced much misusage and neglect in recent years, and thus we aim to attempt to rectify that. We've made it our mission to create a healthy and safe atmosphere for mature storytelling. We do not shy away from realism and in fact, push risk and consequence in most situations we place our characters in. We play villains and are content with the highs and lows which comes from that.Our style of storytelling encapsulates the essence of older Warcraft. We take great inspiration from the older eras of Blizzard's writing; where dark personalities and grim outcomes were the bread and butter of war arcs. We do recognize the current standing of the Warcraft universe and newer lore, alas, unless they return to their roots, it is unlikely we will heavily involve ourselves in their modern stories.We're a social guild, as in we will base the majority of our plots within the bounds of city roleplay. We are intentionally more open regarding hints of criminal activity in the hopes of providing more substance for both our own guild and the server at large. Harsher themes will not be roleplayed openly and will not be done without consent of parties involved.Because of the past history of criminal roleplay and our own values as a guild, we can be selective with recruits, allies, and enemies to ensure safe and quality storytelling. We're very friendly and welcoming to new people and concepts, but will be strict when needed if something could jeopardize the integrity of our community.



In order for roleplay within a guild to be accessible and engaging, it is important to establish boundaries around what is and is not acceptable between guildmates. Our goal as a community is to foster engaging, interactive, and immersive storylines between members. As a cartel of villains, ne'er-do-wells, and generalized dark personalities, our themes and atmosphere often are accommodating towards those character tropes and personalities. However, while these themes are prevalent, not all 'dark' themes are permissible either without consent or not at all. Please reference the following prior to engaging with the guild:IC themes that are permitted, and that you should expect to be exposed to:
• Hazing
• Piracy
• Explicit Violence
• Character Injury
• Spying
• Intentional Cruelty
• Manipulation
• Death/Murder
IC themes that are permitted, but should be consented to by all parties OOC prior to engaging in:
• Torture
• Excessive Gore
• Kidnap
• Maiming
• Character Death
• Stalking
• Death of Children
• Suppression of Consent
• Erotic Roleplay
IC themes that are NEVER allowed:
• Underage ERP
• Public ERP
• Public Torture/Gore
• Forced Character Death
If you have questions about a theme not on this list, please direct them to a guild officer so that you can feel confident in where the boundary surrounding a given subject has been placed by the community, and what the expectation may be.


We've all heard it before: In-character conflict is not out-of-character conflict. Nobody is comfortable when that line is crossed. We ask that our members do their absolute best to maintain this and to communicate if they have concerns or worries about contention or anti-social interactions growing larger than the in-character issue that started them. We also expect our members to be open-minded when others approach them about a conflict becoming overwhelming or uncomfortable. By working together to make sure the fights stay in-world, we can all help grow a strong community of roleplayers capable of having fights that don't spill out from the game screen. Please do your part in making this possible, and feel free to reach out to an officer if you feel you've first done what you can to resolve and mediate the issue yourself.


Our officers work hard to maintain a cohesive group of role-players within the guild. If after reading this you have questions, or concerns about a particular theme or player, please let us know. Nobody within a roleplay community should be forced to interact with themes they themselves are not comfortable with, and this outline should serve as a 'first glance' of whether or not you may be able to enjoy what the guild will offer. If at any point you feel as though the content within the Kingfish Cartel is not for you or your character, that is okay.


I. Age Requirement
You must be at least age 18, or older, to be permitted guild membership. Personal storylines which include adult themes, should never be written with a minor, or a character under the age of 18.
II. Communication
If something offends you, or doesn't sit right with you, we ask you tell the person or people involved. If you cannot rectify a situation on your own, please contact an officer. We will not tolerate passive aggression, reputation assassination, or call-outs in any public spaces of the guild.
III. Roleplay Etiquette
Be fair to your fellow community! Be mindful of metgame and godmodding. If you're attempting actions against someone character which can result in permanent character alteration or death, please message the other writer prior to your roleplay with them. When spying in stealth, notify the other player/s when entering an private area or building, to confirm your character would have access. Additionally, respect areas of roleplay. Never spam OOC chat, toys, or other disruptions in an area people are actively roleplaying in.
IV. Lore Accuracy
We ask that upon joining, you agree to remain planted in the realm of lore abiding roleplay. We do accept and encourage usage of RPG lore in cases or situations where modern lore is remiss. If you're interested in bringing in or building headcanon, please consult an officer prior. We do not acknowledge details about the Shadowlands in-character, thus we ask you bring in no plots from the Shadowlands.
V. Literacy
Members must have a moderate to high understanding of the English language and consistently demonstrate it in their writing. If you are not a native English speaker, we can make exceptions.
VI. Battle Resolution
Our standard battle resolution is basic D20 combat. You and those involved may choose to implement any other version of a combat resolution of mutual liking, however, if a party does not fully agree, we ask you default to D20.
VII. Guild Chat
Please do not flood guild chat with spammed macros, memes, or other various interruptions. Additionally, please do not use guild chat to flame other roleplayers or other players in general. Leave guild chat to OOC communication best to your ability.
VIII. Criminal Themes
Please remember criminal roleplay is not always received well. Combat that to the best of your ability by being understanding of others while staying true to your character. Remember to accept realistic consequences, acknowledge guards, and remember with reward comes risk.


I. Discord Required
You must have frequent access to discord, our events, IC information, and OOC information is shared there anywhere from daily to weekly. Please use the correct OOC/IC channels when intergraded into the discord.
II. Sensitive Subjects
We are not of the opinion of telling adults what they can and cannot discuss in an adult community. We ask that sensitive subjects when discussed are done so in a healthy manner. If someone expresses dislike of a conversation, please cease the discussion of it, or take it into private with someone else. If goes without saying, hate speech will not be tolerated.
III. Disruptive Audio
When joining voice using open microphone, please make sure your background noise isn't deafening or interruptive to those in the channels. We will force push-to-talk in situations of immense background sound. Additionally, we give everyone access to the soundboard, please do not use it to interrupt serious discussions, or to flame someone a guild member while gaming.
IV. Discord Channels
Please post content in the correct channels. Content repeatedly posted in the wrong channel may be deleted by an officer to reduce clutter. Please check the pinned messages in IC channels to appropriately use the channel.
V. Discord Nickname
We ask you set and maintain your discord's nickname as your character's IC name. This allows the officers easier navigation, when adding roles, promoting, and when in channels designated for IC. Additionally, please do not clog your name up with layers of emojis and symbols.


What days and times do most events occur?
A minor event can occur during any day of the week, preferably at 8pm-10pm server time. Major events are isolated to Saturdays at 9-10PM server time.
What races do you NOT accept?
Vrykul. Lightforged. San'layn. Gnolls. Horde. Lich.
What classes do you NOT accept?
Demon Hunter. Evoker. Death Knight. Paladin (unless realistic reason is given), Priest (unless realistic reason is given), Monk (unless realistic reason is given).
Is the guild apart of any server projects? Does the guild plan to be?
Currently? No. We intend to interact with server events and perhaps make some of our own. As it stands right now, we're independent of any bigger server communities.
Do you accept -any- headcanon?
We attempt to steer as faraway from headcanon as possible, however, we understand sometimes dipping our toes in it is essential for character development and story. Any headcanon used will never inflict with Blizzard lore, and will have to be passed through our officers before we use it as a guild.
Is it normal for the leaders to ICly fight a lot?
Yes. We encourage IC in house drama to add to the intensity and depths to our own storylines. It is perfectly normal for leaders to fight and for members to even side with specific people. None of it reflects the OOC status of the guild.
What is your inactivity policy?
If you're going to go on hiatus or will generally be inactive for a while, give us a heads up and we'll set a note. In general, we consider a member inactivate after 30 days of not logging onto their character within the guild. Past 30 days your character may be removed from the guild.
Is the discord active? Are games played?
Yes. We're currently in there a few hours everyday. We don't always play games, but when we do currently play Sea of Thieves, Dead by Daylight, and when we're able to party games like CAH/Jackbox.


The Kingfish Cartel's ranking system is based on organic progression. We do not have a specific rank-up mechanic, for we do not want to progress characters unrealistically. Ranking is based solely on your character's trust, reputation, and overall standing with the group. Different ranks unlock various storylines, specific benefits, and socially gives your character more priority and value.


Twintail is our guild master rank. The Kingfish Cartel was created with the ability and intention to have two guild masters at a time. Each leader controls one of two 'career paths' of the cartel, but together both lead the cartel.


• Valentina Delgado: Admiral Valentina Delgado is in charge of The Kingfish Corsairs. She typically oversees all jobs, ventures, and raids of seafaring nature. She leads the cartel's main fleet, and captains the cartel's flagship.•Skye Vorantel-Moon: Arbiter Skye Vorantel-Moon is in charge and overseers The Kingfish Market. She runs land operations, market and business pursuits, as well as under the table dealings.


Anchor is our officer rank. All officers usually have the same duties and responsibilities, but sometimes may be assigned to specific guild tasks. We have a limit of [4] officers at a time.


• Kevin Blackstone: Kevin Blackstone is a second hand to Skye Vorantel- Moon. He assists in The Kingfish Market, and works in Skye's position when she cannot.• Flynn Canerit: Flynn Canerit is the second hand to Valentina Delgado. He assists in The Kingfish Corsairs, and works in Valentina's position when she cannot.


Fisheye is our subofficer rank. Subofficers, unlike officers, tend to have specific OOC/IC duties and reasons for being a subofficer. We currently do not have a limited cap size for subofficers.



Goldscale is our top member rank. Goldscale's are considered top dog beneath the leaders. A member ranking Goldscale has authority over any rank lower than them, including if it could put a lower rank in harms way. They do not have immunity from leaders, but generally are trusted to be able to fill in for leadership when needed.


• Priority III: Your character is now considered top priority. When your character calls for assistance, any member, no matter their rank is expected to come assist, unless given direct orders not to from a leader. Not assisting a Priority III member is punishable.• Career Boss: Your character unlocks the 'top' position in both career paths, allowing them to abandon their current role and either become a Captain or an Entrepreneur To read more, please visit "Career Paths." (Please note these positions aren't guaranteed as IC will play involvement as to whether your character is trusted enough to preform specific duties.)• (Sub)Officership: You may now apply to and be considered for subofficership or officership as needed and/or required by the guild. You may suggest your interest at any given time when you're this rank and we will take it into heavy consideration. (We are not always looking for officers, so please keep that in mind if declined.)


Bluescale is our main and middle member rank. Bluescale's have proven themselves to be helpful assets, respected members, and above else, moderately trusted within the cartel. Bluescale's are given more responsibility and deeper access into the cartel.


• Priority II: Your character is now considered of moderate priority. When they call for assistance, the guild, regardless of their priority level, will take it their need for assistance seriously. Reaction times may be delayed, as leaders will weigh risks and benefits of aiding the Bluescale.• Specialty Positions: You're now able to be assigned to specialty positions. To learn about specialty positions, please click here• Second Career: Your character may choose to join the second career path work force. This will not effect or influence their choice made as a Greenscale.• Event Host: You're now able to host your own events, post your own jobs, and create plotlines and arcs. (You must get officer approval prior to launching a storyline and prior to giving D20 currency as rewards.)• Member's Page: You may choose to add your character to our member page on the guild website. This allows people visiting to get a sneak peak at your character! (And to show off a bit of art if you have such.)


Greenscale is our first member rank. Greenscale are considered full employees, even if they're the lowest on the totem pole. Greenscales are often given the dirty jobs, but ample opportunities to prove their worth and ability.


• Priority I: Your character is now officially on the orders radar. They may seek protection from the order, but due to their low priority level, no one is required to answer their calls for help, protection, or safety. Members which do not assist Priority I members will not face any backlash. That said, priority I members are expected to risk themselves to assist members of higher priority and will face backlash in not doing so.• Career Path: This is a mandatory choice your character must make to progress properly within the guild. Your character will have the option of joining The Kingfish Market or The Kingfish Corsairs. This choice is not reversible, but at the next rank you may join both.• Dossiers & Information: You will unlock an IC channel on discord which allows your character access to the cartel's dossiers and information documents. This channel will be found under: Roleplay.• Job & Bounty Board: You will unlock an IC channel on discord which allows your character access to the cartel's career boards and bounty boards. Your character now may select jobs. This channel will be found under: Roleplay.


Shark Bait is the starting and tutorial rank. Those who are Shark Bait are not considered full members, but rather are treated as a trial employees. Shark Bait is the only rank which does not require IC voting to progress out of, rather completion of their first IC job and single OOC week in the guild.


• First Job: This is a mandatory job your character must complete before being able to be promoted to the next rank. This is job serves as your character's initials set up, introduction and a test of your character's ability.• Carrier Bird: You'll be given access to the guild discord, and more specifically our IC communication channel in which your character may send IC letters back and forth with the order. We do not use magical or engineered communicators, this is our method of contact over distances.• Events: Your character will be able to attend and jump into events directly after joining. They may not be privy to every piece of information, alas, they will be invited to participate as desired.


Specialty Positions are important roles and duties offered to only a select few members. These begin unlocking at Bluescale.


Second Hand: The Second Hand is the second in command to a Twintail. Second Hand's will fill in for the Twintail they're assigned to when their Twintail is not available. Although, typically reserved for officers, a Twintail can begin training a Second Hand at Bluescale.


Insider: A character who is a double agent per se for the cartel. often these individuals will join or take part in other activities to feed the cartel important information.


Personal Bodyguard: A personal bodyguard may be assigned to a Twintail and Anchor as needed and desired. A bodyguard should expect to risk themselves in benefit of their assigned higher.Recruiter: Recruiters are given training to openly help recruit for the cartel and it's businesses. (They can recruit, do IC interviews, and assist with the entire recruitment process)


The Marketplace does not discriminate; if your aim is to make money, opportunities can always be found here. Whether you deal in blood or goods, there is always someone out there looking for someone to do their dirty work for them and pay someone handsomely to keep their hands clean. Within the Marketplace, members who join will do so under their closest fitting profession. Whether you are a market seller who makes or acquires goods that are a little harder to get your hands on, or a sell-sword looking for their next contract, your role is your strength within the Marketplace.



You have proven yourself as a gold-hungry and business minded individual and as a result, have built the foundations beneath you to start your own business. Whether through leading a group of freelancers or owning your own shop, you have proven yourself to be a trusted ally to the Cartel and to their coin. You've an appetite for gold and a mind for business, and have been awarded the freedom to branch out towards profit.You will be able to commission other members under the Kingfish banner, meaning you will be able to create opportunities for other members by posting on our job board or chartering one of the ships in the Kingfish’s fleet for your business needs.The Kingfish Cartel accepts members who have their own personal businesses. However, they will not be trusted alliances until they’ve been appointed by the Marketplace Orchestrate. Baseline entrepreneurs who’ve yet to be appointed to that role within the Cartel, must apply to another job role until they’ve reached the requirements to obtain this one. In turn, they are not permitted to hire other roles within the Cartel to work for them or use Cartel assets for their personal gain.


While gold is the goal, you are much more inclined to earn it and take it through brute force and blood spilled. Your alliances are not tied to the person placing the coin in your pocket or the job they have tasked you with, but the end goal of heavier pockets. Assassins, body guards, hired muscle or debt collectors - Whatever your skills, they're in demand.Mercenaries are just that; hungry, powerful and ruthless - people who use their skill and thirst for chaos to their advantage. Taking up this role, you will be privy to the market's full job board and bounty board, welcomed to take on whatever jobs you wish to complete in the name of the Kingfish.


You’re a true-blue artful dodger. You’re on the streets, you’re in peoples business and you have a way of weaseling into most social situations. You can sell a timepiece to a watchmaker and always charge interest. Wherever there is money to be made - you know what people want and need and always have the best price.Peddlers are people who make their money on the go. Narcotics, weaponry, counterfeit goods galore. If it’s desirable, you sell it. Under the banner of the Kingfish, you are provided with protection, supply and support in exchange for your fast feet and quick tongue. With access to the Cartel job board, you will likely never run out of things to bequeath to the masses.


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Hunters rejoice, whether you prefer to crouch with a crossbow in amongst the treetops or set snares to watch your prey dangle; the goal is always the same. Pelts, parts and live animals sell for a very pretty penny indeed. The animal kingdom is your stomping grounds and you are the apex predator.Poachers earn their well-deserved gold by putting their lives on the line in order to trap, ensnare or slaughter animals and monsters for the commodities only their bodies can provide. Rich nobles will always need a bait bear for their hounds to tear into and apothecaries have a thousand and one uses for those creature parts only you can get your hands on. When aligned with the Cartel, you will be provided with the connections and protection you need to get the job done, as well as access to peruse the job board for a bit of extra coin.


You will travel far and wide to get your hands on what you, or others, desire. The deepest of cobweb covered tombs or the highest of mountain peaks, your nerve is unwavering and your sense of adventure reaches for the edge of Azeroth itself. Relics and artifacts are just sitting there, waiting to be discovered and sold to the highest bidder.Acquisitions are an essential role in every business. If you do not have things to sell, you are losing out on gold to be made. You will be tasked with listening out for curious leads, following your greed and taking what is definitely not yours. People will pay to avoid a stain on their reputation or the potential for legal trouble and the likelihood is, you might not care about the potential repercussions if there is money to be made. You can sell your personally acquired goods through the Cartel’s store front and also take up additional leads through our job board when the opportunity arises.


The invisible face in the crowd with the ears of a hare. You see all, you hear all and say very little. Or, you play the part of a charismatic charmer well and cover up your intentions with a dashing smile and wink of your eye. There are many ways of getting information and it doesn’t always mean wallowing in the shadows.Sleuths are the Cartels' eyes and ears. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and you are well practiced at hearing every syllable that drips from over-confident lips. Taverns, busy streets and meetings you definitely should not be a part of - you find your way to get the information you need, be it for personal means or to pass on to the person with a bursting coin purse. Information is power and the Cartel values it. You will be the ones to keep your superiors informed and paid for your efforts accordingly. The job board may also have opportunities for you to pick up on, namely tailing certain individuals or simply finding yourself in possession of required information by any means necessary.


Quartermaster: This role is a unique role given to a maximum of two crew members on a captained vessel. Quartermasters are considered officers of a crew, having the same skill set of the Captain and functioning as the Captain's second in command. Quartermasters are to spend time between the deck, helm, and officer quarters to ensure the crews needs are being met and communicated. Quartermasters must additionally board seized and raided vessels and Captain them back towards friendly territory.Sailing Master: This role is a unique role given to a maximum of two crew members on a vessel. Sailing Masters are personnel with mastery in navigation. They serve as leadership to Navigators and Sailmakers. The Sailing Master must ensure every element of the ship's ability to sail to her destination on time and without trouble. If a ship capsizes, beaches, or is sunk due to an element of sailing, it falls on the Sailing Master.Master Gunner: This role is a unique official role given to a maximum of two crew members; one portside, for starboard. Master Gunners, if available, will be on a ship's main or front most cannons. They are responsible for ensuring the ship’s gunners are performing at maximum effort while guiding their assault based on the Captain’s commands. Master Gunners may assign specific gun decks, cannons, and firing positions to different gunners. Additionally, they may assign specific roles to Powder Monkeys.Boatswain: This role is designated towards crew mates with a vast understanding of a vessel and its properties. Boatswains are to ensure all compartments of a ship are working as intended and must perform maintenance duties as required of them. Anything wrong with rigging, cables, anchors, or the hull in general will fall on the responsibility of the Boatswain.Tidesage: This role is only obtainable for crew members who are hydromancers or shamans (even if not necessarily Kul Tiras Tidesages). Tidesages are given the task of working together to manipulate both the water and weather conditions as required of them. Additionally, Tidesages are given religious purpose of blessing new vessels and newly accepted vessels into the main fleet.Navigator: This role is designed towards crew members who desire to be kept on top deck or within the crows nest of a vessel. Navigators are expected to assist in mapping, charting, and being a lookout during voyages. Navigators work directly under supervision of the Sailing Master and must adhere to orders from both the Sailing Master and Captain.Gunner: This role is ideal for crew members dedicated to warfare. Gunners spend the vast majority of their voyages kept on the gundecks or main decks; wherever their assigned cannons may lie. Gunners are responsible for their assigned cannon/cannons and are expected to over time gain a mastery at aiming, shooting, and reloading in a timely manner. Gunners answer directly to Master Gunners, and are able to order Powder Monkeys as needed.Armourer: This role is intended for those with mastery and experience in craftsmanship, more specifically that of armour and weaponry. Armourers are seafaring tailors, leatherworkers, and blacksmiths that work while on voyages. Armourers are dedicated to ensuring armor is crafted, repaired, and readied at any given moment for the crew. Armourers are expected to know the sizes and preferences of crew-officers and higher crew personnel.Sailmaker: This role is meant for those in mind who have artistic flare and a gift for mathematics. Sailmakers are given full reign over designing and creating sails for their crew's vessel and sometimes other vessels in the fleet. Sailmakers may get creative, but must ensure all sails are made, fitted, and formed properly. Sailmakers work under the Sailing Master and are additionally responsible for preforming maintenance and quick patch up jobs on sails as required.Cook: This role is intended for crew want control and authority over a vessel's kitchen/kitchens. Despite the lackluster appearance of the title, a cook has an immensely important role of ensuring the entire crew is well fed and kept healthy. Cooks have full say and control over the kitchen/s (aside from the Quartermaster and Captain) and are given say over who dines, drinks, and what is served.Powder Monkey: This role, although not the most desired, is a role most crew mates who've yet to gain their sea legs will find themselves in. Powder Monkeys are often the pushed around and seen as lesser, but very much have an important purpose. Powder Monkeys are expected to preform the 'lower' jobs such as swabbing the decks, loading cannons, preparing barrels, and handling general explosives to ensure a battle or raid goes smoothly for their fellow crew mates.


Those of rugged, cruel, and downright cutthroat nature can find themselves ample job opportunities amongst the seafaring Kingfish Corsairs. The Kingfish Corsairs are a savage and merciless band of pirates who plunder the seas across Azeroth. When not on an active voyage, they may be found in seaside taverns, shipyards, or on foreign lands; anywhere which allows their destruction and influence to spread. New Corsairs will become crew of the Vermillion Viper; the Cartel's flagship, and prove themselves worthy, or be thrown over the masts trying!The Kingfish Corsairs have something known as 'crew roles'. These roles are flavoring and do not interact with main job roles/duties. To view crew roles: click here.

Ship Captain


You have proven yourself a trustworthy companion on the sea, a competent pirate, and above all else have shown your ability to lead. You desire to lead your own crew, bark your own orders, and use your own methods in ensuring the Cartel and Corsairs are brought to victory.Captains are given full reign to form and recruit for their crew. They may hire both within and outside the Cartel. Captain's are responsible for their ship and crew; dangerous disruptions from either can result in the Admiral seizing or detaining the Captain's assets and people.Ship Captains may select and assist in traveling jobs from either the Corsairs or Market job board. Too may they create and lead various jobs which include themes of voyages and traveling over seas.Baseline, The Kingfish Cartel accepts members who are already Captains. These members are not permitted to join the main fleet until they reached the rank of Goldscale. Captains may keep their crew and ship on their own time, but will be asked to join the flagship part time to prove themselves.


You are dedicated to chaos and cruelty. You plunder, pillage, and murder anything that comes between you and your goal. Your lack of empathy towards anything which does not deserve your loyalties, meaning you will likely be successful at any cost; it is that very merciless mindset which makes you the perfect companion for conquer and slaughter.Marauders are reckless and vicious raiders who set forth on lands, villages, and ports to terrorize populations and take what they can to claim it for the cartel. They are often given free reign to destroy, deforest, sabotage, and in general set terror upon smaller populations and lands. These members of the Cartel often have few morals, and even fewer rules and laws to bind them. Marauding is not for the faint of heart; likely innocent lives will suffer and be taken.


Cunning, stealthy, and usually unpredictable; you likely enjoy to keep people guessing your every move. You derive an immense thrill when you've managed to be sly enough to pass a camel for a kitten. You have a talent for winning risks and gambles, addicted to the rush of being victorious and outsmarting even the most cunning of guards. Little can distract you from your destination.Smugglers aren't your average run of the mill rogues, they are masterminds of navigation and reaching a destination. Smugglers must accurately plan cargo runs, map trade routes, and assist as the middle man between Looters and Peddlers. Smugglers are the ultimate go-to between land and sea operations, knowing when and where to move around the cartel's most profitable items. Smugglers are given access to and control over the Cartel's hideouts and logistics, serving as the driving force for where the groups loot is taken, and how.

Bounty Hunter

You're likely a lone wolf, a risk taker, and above all else a natural predator. When you're hired to do a job, you dislike others getting in your way and you want it completed properly the first time. Bounty Hunters are merciless killers who excel at tracking and eliminating targets subtly.Bounty Hunters often work solo or in pairs, holding true to the old saying, "less is more". Bounty Hunters, though typically well versed in land-faring operations, are not landlubbers within the Cartel, and are expected to become familiar with sailing personal vessels on varying routes in order to track, kidnap, or even execute targets of the group. Bounty Hunting is a high skill and high demand path in which they can expect to be away for hours to days, depending on the contract. These elusive and lethal folk are likely not ones in which anyone should trifle with.


You're a thief, and a damned good one at that. You've learned that hard work is for fools and that taking what you want is more effective, to hell with everyone else! It rarely matters who or where you take from; the bigger the payout the better.Looters have an eye for the valuable and have the know-how to successfully claim any item which catches their eye. Although they're encouraged to engage in petty thefts, robbery, or pick-pocketing to keep their skills honed, such eventually becomes child's play to a skilled Looter. Looters are in it for the big payouts, often serving as raiders of ships, homes, tombs, vaults, and any location which may hold a bounty large enough to sate their gold tooth. Looters are known for their greed, and the insatiable want is what keeps them employed. Looters work closely with Smugglers and Peddlers, often splitting sizable profits with both.

Tavern Broker

You’re likely a rowdy no-good tavern rat, looking for some quick coin. You have a good ear for gossip and knowing how much a juicy secret can fetch in price. It doesn't matter how gritty or posh a location is, you've long learned that so long as people are nosey, there is always profit to be made.Tavern Brokers are collectors and sellers of social information gathered from the public. These individuals travel to high traffic areas to make a name for themselves in selling accurate or seemingly accurate gossip and information at a high cost. Not to be confused with our Sleuths, Tavern Brokers are not expected to gather information for the cartel exclusively, they are only expected to share profits after lining their pockets. Tavern Brokers additionally do not need elements of stealth, rather they must learn salesmanship and have charisma carry them to the pockets of the curious and foolhardy. Tavern Brokers are easily our most slimy and untrustworthy sleazeballs, and that is why we love them.


Upon reaching the rank Greenscale members will be asked to select one of our two career paths. Each career path consists of various jobs, in which a member may choose a singular one to advance in. Members may choose to change their jobs up to twice in one year, with a cooldown of a month between doing so.Choosing a job will unlock job-specific missions you may choose from the Cartel's job board. These jobs are separate from storyline campaigns and social plots; both of which are inclusive to every skill and interest. Job serve for smaller plots, flavoring, and to build more personalized lore among characters in the same job.Once your character has chosen their interest, they will undergo a small training storyline to orient them to their new positions before being officially hired. This storyline is expended to be completely over several days, and will not be finished in a single session.Greenscale members will choose their first path, otherwise known as their primary path. Achieving the rank of Bluescale will allow the character to join the secondary career path if desired. Members may only have one job in each career path at any given time.


The rolling system will be announced on August 20th, 2023


Valentina Delgado

Fleet Admiral

Hot tempered and violent, this seafaring native has little mercy when it comes to anyone who threatens her fleet or crew. She is your typical crude and foul-mouthed pirate, with a passion for victory.


Skye Vorantel-Moon


Strong-willed, calculated and at times, a little too fiery; this woman is everything you want to see in a charismatic entrepreneur. When there is a glint of gold on the horizon, little will stop her from getting what she wants.


Kevin Blackstone

Second Hand

Protective and business oriented, this right hand is often the go-to in most things on the horizon. Strong willed and loyal, the Kul Tiran will do what he must to make the deals go through.



Owner: Skye Vorantel-Moon
Title: Kingfish Curios
Business: Shop
Location: Boralus | Stormwind
Description: N/A
Stormwind Location: Monday - Tuesday 10AM - 11PM
Boralus Location: Wednesday - Friday 10AM - 11PM
Closed: Saturday & Sunday

Owner: Kevin Blackstone
Tavern The Bastard's Tankard
Location: Boralus
Description: N/A
Schedule: N/A


Captain: Valentina Delgado
Ship: The Vermillion Viper
Vessel: Man of War


Reputations with factions the Cartel interacts with.






Proxy: Dock 1 Exports


Proxy: Silvershield


Proxy: Proudmoore Flagship


Proxy: Proudmoore Academy


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